How do writers write?

That’s a subjective question and one that every writer will answer differently. But what we do know is how we (Sajita and I) write and it works for us.

In our numerous workshops, especially with young people,  I always make it a point to stress that writing a book is not a glamorous job. We’re often stuck at home, hammering away at our laptops, halfway between the real world and the world we have created for our characters. In fact, as the book progresses, it’s quite easy to slip into our imaginary world, more often than not. And we still do it because we love writing. We love creating numerous worlds with just our words and we hope to continue doing that.

It takes a huge amount of discipline first of all, to write a book. That combined with plenty of bullheadedness, a somewhat clear idea of what you want to write, and then actually sitting down and doing it. Believe me, that’s the toughest of all. You’ll want to check Facebook every ten minutes, or stream a TV show that you’ve been watching obsessively, or you’ll want to traipse over to the balcony and check on your plants, or look at the road or sky, basically anything that will prevent you from writing.

The key is to want to write your book above all that. Many accomplished writers will agree when I say that you don’t need to be in the mood to write. You just need to do it. That’s all.

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– Andaleeb


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