Where do writers get ideas?

Everywhere. Tell me one place you don’t think a writer can get ideas and I’ll prove you wrong. And they’re not tall claims. It’s true.

I’ve got story ideas while sitting in a car on the highway, while in an auto, while looking out of a balcony at the road, while looking at a child sitting with his mother in a rubbish strewn narrow alley as she chewed paan and explained something to him while he listened avidly. Story ideas are everywhere and it’s the writer in you who needs to spot it, hold on to it, tame it and hone it and make it into something.

At our creative writing workshop, we do an exercise in ideation and participants often groan in dismay because it just seems so impossible. But when they do get started, when there’s that little click in their brain, when they start writing, most often they just don’t feel like stopping.

Ideas are born out of sheer boredom, ennui but also an active interest in the world around you. People like me couch it well by looking lost and forgetful, and my family assumes I’m in that other world, not really listening in to interesting conversations or observing people. Ha. *evil grin*

Where do you get your ideas? Chime in, in the comments section!

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