Our first workshop

It’s wonderful to see a dream take shape. Nutcracker, which until recently was only a little blue squirrel scurrying in and out of our mindscapes and conversations, has finally taken a concrete form!

The venue for our first workshop was Atta Galatta, which provides just the right ambiance to nurture creativity. To say that Andaleeb and I were exhilarated is an understatement. There is something about ‘firsts’. The excitement, enthusiasm, the ‘atta’ and some ‘galatta’ interspersed with quiet moments of reflection made it an insightful and memorable event. Participants delved deeper into various elements of creative writing through writing exercises and activities. Some of the flash fiction stories written using props and prompts were brilliant! We look forward to seeing our participants as published writers.

With this workshop, we also brought together like minded people to form a Nutcracker community of writers. Time to nudge each other, revisit writing goals and get cracking!