Coming up – A Fiction Writing Workshop

Everyone has a story inside them. Some live their stories, and some tell theirs. We, of course, being writers know nothing much else than to keep telling our stories.

On hearing that I’m a writer, a young girl once told me, ‘Isn’t making up stories like lying? Why would you want to do that?’ To say that I was stunned is an understatement. I had never thought of it that way. And although I wasn’t able to convince her otherwise (she was rather staunchly opinionated), I realized that telling stories is the way we live vicariously, through our characters and their (sometimes) filmy plots. And we may be telling a lie, every now and then, but if it entertains y’all, does it really matter?

Okay, so the point is, that being writers ourselves, Sajita and I, have decided to share our learning with those who are interested, through our workshops. Our recently concluded workshop at Atta Galatta was a huge success, going by the enthusiastic feedback we received and requests for follow ups.

We are conducting a one day Fiction Writing Workshop on 26th March at Fragrant Kitchen. We would love to work with interested and enthusiastic participants and we hope this too, is a success. Register for this website here, or pass the word around to someone who might be interested.