Workshop at Atta Galatta


Ever since we started registrations, we’ve been getting a lot of interested inquiries, follow ups and finally, confirmations, which is a heartening thing indeed, for two writers who are trying to get together to do something new.

My association with Atta Galatta started in 2013 when I first had an event there for My Brother’s Wedding. It’s a charming space, the kind I’d have loved to hang out in, when I was a student, many moons ago. Nevertheless, Lakshmi and I clicked and we’ve been good friends ever since. I’ve had many a book event there, including one for More than Just Biryani where my mom brought prawn biryani for all the attendees!

Naturally, Atta Galatta was my first choice when Sajita and I started talking about where we wanted to hold our first workshop for Nutcracker. We’re planning more workshops in numerous other locations as well, but we will be coming back to Atta Galatta as well in May.

The workshop that we’re planning for 5th and 6th March will be an intensive primer on creative writing, the different kinds of creative writing, genres, plots and plot devices, characterization, dialogue, writing exercises and then, we’ll also cover topics like how to approach publishers too. We can’t get you published but we will put you on the right path definitely. At the end of it, we hope that participants will feel motivated and energized to work on their stories and come up with something new.

We’re super excited. Stay tuned for more updates!